With their views 16 artists narrate the Ghetto

Everybody knows the importance of such a historic place like the Ghetto. Surprisingly, noone had ever organized a group exhibition to celebrate it. Before us đŸ™‚

“It is a deep, brilliant blue Venetian Spring!”; it is what Gio’ Melori thought to revise the entrance door of the Midrash Hall Leone da Modena – located in the Old Ghetto, which was the place where the most famous Venetian Rabbi used to pray in the 16th Century. And now hosting the Gallery show, organized by Melori & Rosenberg, whose title is ‘Venice – Views on Ghetto’ (until August, 28th, Sunday through Friday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm).

The past lives again and welcomes the present through the images of these sixteen artists who re-examine with their own sensitivity one of the historic and most important places in Venice. From the photographs by the famous American Robin Sacknoff, which portray fascinating corners often escaping most turists’ sight, to the sepia portrait by the Venetian Massimiliano Longo, which represents six different scenes from the everyday life of this small Venetian corner (for instance, the gathering of men at a table and children playing at the fountain). These are moments fixed on canvas, which are as fascinating as old albums of photographs.

The show continues with works by: Gianni D’Este, Cristina Gasparini, Karla Kempgens, Miria Malandri, Michal Meron, Francesco Moretti, Yoshi Nagasaka, Peter Pearson, Giorgio Rocca, Luigi Rocca, Lucia Sarto, Scott Tallman and Ferdinando Viglieno-Cossalino. There is always a particular atmosphere in these artworks, where the view of their artists often turns from malinconic into joyful, choosing – in their own ways – the different climatic seasons and historical of the Ghetto in their backgrounds.

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