Upcoming personal exhibitions

By March 31, 2017 May 25th, 2018 Igor Molin, Riccardo Costantini

Upcoming exhibitions… 2017 will be a great artistic year

We are working on some personal shows for this year:

May, 7th: Igor Molin, “In the Light”. His study on human feelings and their body expressions is going on. This show will feature some brand new paintings which will seize the spectator’s attention for their strong emotional power.

June, 11th: Riccardo Costantini & Stefano Bullo, “Postcards/Cartoine”. From Burano and Murano, near Venice, they are working hard on a new project: painting on Murano glass. We can’t wait to see their subject in this new version.

New one-man shows are coming, stay tuned!

Upcoming exhibitions Molin and Costantini May-June 2017