Tanzen Bear by Luigi Rocca

By November 19, 2003 July 27th, 2018 Luigi Rocca, Various
new york skyscrapers on tanzen bear

Yes, a tanzen bear in Venice!

A very special German customer has asked Mr Rocca to paint the most particular artwork ever. They bought a Tanzen Bear, the symbol of peace of Berlin, and shipped it to Mr Rocca. Guess what subject has Mr Rocca decided to paint? Yes, you’re right, a New York landscape!


Under this motto, the UNITED BUDDY BEARS promote living together in peace and harmony on their global tour. Around 140 Buddy Bears (each 2 m tall) represent as many countries recognised by the United Nations.

Since the first exhibition in Berlin in 2002, more than 40 million visitors world-wide have been able to admire the United Buddy Bears.

Mr Rocca’s Tanzen Bear

It has been a challenge, due to the weight and height and the 3D of the “material”: first of all, Mr Rocca’s atelier is in Venice, so no trucks could reach it. So we had to rent a special boat equipped with a crane, and with the help of 4 able-bodied men the bear was finally moved from the boat into the atelier.

He used acrylic colors, as usual, since the bear was made of resin and ready to be painted.

We went into the atelier a few times to take some pictures [and because we were curious, as you can imagine]: the bear was placed right in the middle of the atelier, so that Mr Rocca could reach it from any side and with a ladder. It was impossible not to be impressed by it.

It took Mr Rocca about 3 weeks to paint it. The result was a landscape of New York like we had never seen before: a masterpiece, definitely unique in its genre.

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