Riccardo Costantini: Personal Exhibition

By October 5, 2009 August 23rd, 2018 Exhibition, Riccardo Costantini

Beach – no one as one

Riccardo Costantini has been panting some brand new artworks, which we are pleased to introduce to our public in a special personal exhibition.

A show made of a series of fresh artworks which represent a turning point for Riccardo Costantini’s artistic career: from the represented subjects to their implicit meanings. The background is still the beach, the placethat inspires him the deepest thoughts on the hegemony of the crowd towards the solitude of the single element.

“The attentive eye of the Artist inspires a trip over time, where figures and places are ornaments for a chaotic, fast, bustling life. The involuntary characters of these moments are wisely diversified with shades and colors which make uncontrolled and casual the whole set”.


Location: Melori & Rosenberg Art Gallery

Date: October 8th – 28th, 2009

Opening hours: from Monday to Friday from 4 pm to 7 pm

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