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Stefano Bullo Riccardo Costantini

Postcards|Cartoine, two-men show

Postcards|Cartoine is the title of our current two-men show. The Artists are Riccardo Costantini and Stefano Bullo. The show is curated by Daniel Buso.

Opened on June, 11th at 11 am at our Gallery, the exhibition is open until June 21st, 2017 every day from 10 am to 2 pm.

Critic text by Daniel Buso

The exhibition will highlight and explore the main stylistic expressions of two contemporary artists, Stefano Bullo and Riccardo Costantini. The two artists embrace a precise poetic vision of our contemporary world, pointing out its essential aspects. Costantini favors secondary images, images that have not been taken from the mass media, that are not instantly classified as popular but considered ordinary, resulting in a personal holidays album. Due to its specificity, his work is able to reach the heart of the spectator who can reflect his/her own experience on it. On the other hand, through a systematic analysis of images taken from magazines, TV shows and the news, Bullo displays some meaningful ideas. His project looks for a different reaction from the one in Costantini’s work, since the audience does not recognize itself in it, but become
an anonymous observer of a collage of pictures about news, politics, gossip, sport, war, etc. We are brought together by both personal and mundane icons.

And the result is quite unexpectedly similar.

Bullo’s work consists in a sequence of famous figures or architectural landscapes which are immediately recognizable. This feature is instead controlled in Costantini’s work, leaving it to the viewers’ subjectivity. If we consider a seaside view with anonymous figures or a mountainous landscape with happy hikers, we certainly might think at those as private snap-shots, apparently irrelevant for those who have not experienced that moment.

Yet, once we find ourselves in front of the works of both artists, we feel like we know everything about them. This impression is surely satisfying, and at the same time brings with it a strange feeling, an element of disturbance, as if the structure was about to collapse and disappear in front of our eyes.

This perception is in both artists a stylistic choice, which is fragmentary and vaguely inspired by the canons of the unfinished pictorial. The artistic association between Stefano Bullo and Riccardo Costantini has also to be considered as the union between two different stylistic backgrounds and urban centers, Murano and Burano, two islands that are geographically closed and yet characterized by deep differences.

In addition, from a common will has come the desire to shape something together. For this reason, in absolute preview, the two artists will present an extraordinary pictorial composition on glass at the Melori & Rosenberg Gallery, the fusion between Costantini’s narrative style and Bullo’s technical knowledge on Murano materials.