Views on Ghetto 2005


Venice. Views on Ghetto.

Curator: Donatella Bedello
20 pg.

Languages: Italian
Size: 15×20 cm
Designed and printed by: UTVi Tipolito Srl – Vicenza

Price: 10 €


Catalogue of the first edition of the group show “Venice Views on Ghetto” mounted at the Midrash Hall Leone da Modena, in the Old Ghetto of Venice, in 2005. Afterwards, the show was exhibited at the Jewish Museum in the Campo del Ghetto Nuovo of Venice.
The catalogue features a critic introduction by Luca Fini (journalist) and the newspaper articles by Enzo Rammairone (Corriere del Veneto) and Titta Bianchini (Il Gazzettino) as well as the images of the artworks and a short biography for each artist.
Every artist analyzed a detail, they endorsed it in order to give it back with some surplus value, with that something special that makes their personal interpretations a work of art which can be appreciated to many levels.
There are more than one possible readings of the astonishing answers given by this group show, whose path winds from a spring rebirth painted by Gio’ Melori.
Sponsored by: Jewish Community of Venice, Jewish Museum of Venice and Codess Cultura.