Venice Views on Ghetto 2006


Venice. Views on Ghetto.

Curator: Donatella Bedello
36 pg.

Languages: Italian, Hebrew.
Size: 15×21 cm
Designed and printed by: UTVi Tipolito Srl – Vicenza

Price: 10 €


Catalogue of the group show “Venice Views on Ghetto” published on the occasion of its exhibition at the Residence of the Italian Ambassador in Israel (June 2nd, 2006). From a dream by Donatella B. Melori, who curated it, the show was exhibited in Venice, Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
The show was born from the dream of doing a unique homage to the Jewish Ghetto, through the art of these International artists, who by their new and personal interpretations were able to highlight this charming and historically important corner of Venice, letting it out of its borders and emphasizing this way its belonging to the whole world.
Besides the images of the artworks and the sixteen participating Artists’s biographies, the catalogue features texts by Donatella B. Melori (Melori & Rosenberg Gallery), Sandro de Bernardin (Italian Ambassador in Israel), Massimo Cacciari (Mayor of Venice), Petra Schaefer Andreoli (art critic and historic) e Luca Fini (art journalist) and newspaper articles written by Titta Bianchini (Gazzettino), Enzo Rammairone (Corriere del Veneto) and Elisa Capitanio (Venews).
Sponsored by: Italian Republic, Tel Aviv’s Italian Institute of Culture, Veneto Region, Venice Townhall, Venezia&Venice, Melori & Rosenberg Gallery, Melori & Rosenberg Publisher, Jewish Community of Venice, Jewish Museum of Venice and Codess Cultura.