Lucia Sarto The Poetics of the moment 2005


Lucia Sarto. The Poetics of the moment.

Languages: Italian, English
Size: cd format
Designed by Melori & Rosenberg

Price: 10 €


The cd “Romantic Realism” is the multimedial catalogue of Lucia Sarto’s original paintings which are considered part of the romantic realism current, of which she is a master.
The book features Lucia Sarto’s biography and some critic introductions by Rino Maccora, Luciano Lupi and Meena Narayan, as well as the images of the paintings – among which The Garden, Terrace, Sunflowers and Cottage.
Tracing at a series of invariantformal characteristics, we will be able to investigate these works, which are characterized by the formalist component of art criticism, and deduce that the predominantly hedonistic language, dictated exclusively by states of mind on the verge of aesthetic transcendence, is the philological development of the research that Lucia Sarto did previously. Friulan by birth and Venetian by training, she conducted a profound study on the Venetian old masters, assimilating their tenuous and sober coloring that is predominantly made of tonal, rather than timber, values. Her study has revealed her exceptional sensitivity, not disconnected from great interpretative capacities.