Lucia Sarto On the Way 2009


Lucia Sarto. On the Way.

Curator: Lucia Sarto
136 pg.

Languages: Italian, English
Size: 24,5×22,5 cm
Designed by Livingstone Paint Factory, printed by Grafiche Manzanesi

Price: 45 €


“On the way” is the most complete artbook about Lucia Sarto published in 2009.
After a short preface by the publisher, Donatella B. Melori, and a full biography, critic introductions by Roberto Lopez Navarro, Eleonora Borghese, Petra Schaefer Andreoli, Aldo Albani, Meena Narayan and Veronica Balutto follow.
Images have been divided into series, such as On the road, Flowers on show, Travel book. The most evocative images are introduced by famous quote that inspired Lucia Sarto.
The undoubted skill of Mrs Sarto is supported by her sensibility to which, the fact of being a woman, brings a doubled value and, through a passionate vision of the world freed from any past obligation, she drives us to new expressive aims. Leading us to a form of art which is merely such, urging us to walk a space nevermore shut down, nor limited by absolutistic schemes and intellectual, fictional frameworks, she keeps us inexorably tight to her extraordinary interpretations of human nature.