Bedello DC Old Shops 2014


Bedello D.C. Old Shops.

Curator: Donatella Bedello
20 pg.

Languages: Italian, English
Size: 21×15 cm
Designed and printed by Livingstone Paint Factory

Price: 10 €


“Old Shops” is the first artbook of Bedello D.C. It features her complete biography, a critic introduction by Arch. Marianna Accerboni and the images of her paintings.
An extremely human realism that, filled with spices and newspapers, accompanies us at the re-discovery of a recent past where people used to follow technological progress with surprise, optimism and pride, at the rhythm of Rock and roll and Twist-: through the accurate but soft images of these small shops, Bedello re-opens an entire world of habits and social relationships, life and history, that inevitably and hopelessly slipped out of our hands and to which we try to get closer once again, grateful, with amiable nostalgia.