Lucia Sarto Interior colors 2010


Lucia Sarto. Interior Colors.

Curator: Lucia Sarto
52 pg.

Languages: Italian, English
Size: 23×21 cm
Designed by Livingstone Paint Factory and printed by Grafiche Manzanesi

Price: 25 €


“Interior Colors” is the catalogue of the personal exhibition of Lucia Sarto’s kitchen options and original paintings organized and mounted at Melori & Rosenberg on May, 20th, 2010. On this occasion, the Gallery was transformed into a kitchen.
The catalogue features a preface by Donatella B. Melori, critic introductions by Veronica Balutto, Petra Schaefer Andreoli and Aldo Albani, an extract from Edgardo Rocca’s unpublished novel “Crumbs of Happiness” and the artist’s complete biography. The catalogue includes all the images of the exhibited artworks.
“Kitchen” is a series of exhibitions we have been thinking about for some time, exhibitions that, starting with a specific environment of our home, are able to combine the paintings with the necessary architectural elements. Precisely for this reason we tried to transform a room of our Gallery into a kitchen, either by introducing elements such as a table, some chairs and everyday items provided by the sponsoring companies and decorated for the occasion by Lucia who kinldy accepted our unusual request, and by lining the walls with giant posters of modern Santarossa kitchens.