Nello Spazio della Croce 2010


In the space of the Cross.

Curator: Donatella Bedello
40 pg.

Languages: Italian, English
Size: 15×20 cm
Designed and printed by Livingstone Paint Factory

Price: 10 €


Catalogue of the group show mounted at Church San Salvador (Venice) from May 20th to 30th, 2010.
Twelve Artists (not only painters but also sculptors, glassmakers and goldsmiths) reinterpret Giotto’s cross: the show has been conceived and promoted by Melori & Rosenberg Art Gallery and organized with the Parish of San Salvador, which kept on promoting cultural events on the occasion of the pastoral visit of the Patriarch to Venice. The famous template, on which the Giotto’s Crucifix was painted, was delivered on forex to each Artist, who faced a novel challenge: the request to represent the crucifix by using their specific styles and the materials used in their everyday work, creating a new representation on a particular material and the imposed framing of its bounds.
The catalogue features images of the artists, their biography and their Cross.
The show has been organized under the patronage of: Townhall of Venice, Province of Venice, Studium Generale Marcianum, Church of San Salvador, Livingstone Paint Factory, Melori & Rosenberg Gallery and Melori & Rosenberg Publisher, whom published the catalogue. Texts by Donatella B. Melori e Alice Faga, Natalino Bonazza, Andrea Enzo (Studium Generale Marcianum), Petra Schaefer (Centro Tedesco di Studi Veneziani), preface by mons. Brian E. Ferme.