Luigi Rocca Graphic Works 2010


Luigi Rocca. Graphic Works.

Curator: Donatella Bedello
72 pg.

Language: English
Size: 23,5×21,5 cm
Designed by Livingstone Paint Factory, printed by Grafiche Manzanesi

Price: 15 €


“Graphic Works” is the catalogue of the limited edition prints on canvas of Luigi Rocca published for Arnot Gallery of New York.
The catalogue features the artist’s complete biography, a critic introduction by Peter Arnot BFA, an interview to Luigi Rocca by Vicki Arnot, a short biography of Arnot Gallery and the plates.
The original paintings by Luigi Rocca have appreciated tremendously over the time Luigi has been painting. It is for this reason Luigi Rocca has embraced the world of giclees, so that everyone who wants to collect his art can afford to do so. The objects and subjects Luigi loves which are so familiar to all of us can now also be possessed by all of us.