Minna Laaksonen Graphic Works 2013


Minna Laaksonen. Graphic works.

Curator: Donatella Bedello
52 pg.

Language: Italian, English
Size: 20×15 cm
Designed and printed by Livingstone Paint Factory

Price: 10 €


“Graphic Works” is the catalogue of the most recent artworks of Minna Laaksonen, published in 2012. Besides the images of her most recent works, it features her complete biography and a critic introduction by Arch. Marianna Accerboni.
Color, declined with joy and original steadiness, represents the leading thread and the Leitmotiv of Minna Laaksonen’s brilliant painting, which, from the combination of her “technologic color fields”, is able to originate a magic light balanced between a contemporary dream and reality: representative and flexible with that color dances around objects, supported by a sign, almost invisible but vital, and seems to soak into the objects, while thin flakes of light chromatism accompany its flow.