Luigi Rocca Eine Monographie 2009


Luigi Rocca. Eine Monographie.

Curator: Petra Schaefer
152 pg.

Languages: Italian, German
Size: 25×23,5 cm
Designed and printed by Grafiche Manzanesi

Price: 90 €


The book “Luigi Rocca. Eine Monographie” was written by Petra Schaefer Andreoli in 2009. After a short preface, she analyses Luigi Rocca’s art in a detailed critic introduction starting back from the beginnings of the artist’s hyperrealist career in 1985 up to 2009 featuring many beautiful images of original paintings that Luigi Rocca has painted over the years, among which Times Square (painted in Turin in 1985), 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Perry Street, Viv’s Diner, Andy Warhol.

The following section includes a catalogue with his most famous paintings, e.g. Red Diner, Calvin Klein, Sahara Lounge, Hershey’s, London from the Air. A detailed biography follows this section.

At the end of the book, Petra Schaefer Andreoli interviews Luigi Rocca and his two main Galleries, Henry Mensing from Mensing Gallery and Donatella B. Melori from Melori & Rosenberg.

Discovering Luigi Rocca’s art means falling in love with the vision of what is – on canvas – what we many times watch without really seeing it properly. Entering his artistic world is like browsing an old photo book, which we have been jealously guarding for years, even if we have not taken the pictures ourselves. The frames with which the artist seizes our attention belong to us, we feel them as part of our life, even if actually it is the first time we see them. The relationship between visitor-artist is almost alchemy, by virtuously combining real recollection and its idealization.

A vision/emotion which – collected in this book – will be able to seduce us from page to page.