Luigi Rocca City Views 2005


Luigi Rocca. City Views.

Curator: Donatella Bedello
76 pg.

Languages: Italian, English
Size: 16×16 cm
Designed and printed by UTVi Tipolito Srl – Vicenza

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“City Views” is the catalogue of the one-man show of Luigi Rocca mounted at Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts of San Diego to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Gallery.
Tha catalogue features a complete biography written by E. R. Marino, a preface by Michael J. Wolf, and critic introductions by Petra Schaefer Andreoli and Elisa Capitanio, as well as the images of all eighteen paintings.
Always in search of new artists and their works, the gallery discovered the unique works of Luigi Rocca in northern Italy. A resident of Venice, Rocca’s works are filled with color, movement, and are superb examples of hyperrealism.
After ten years in business and exhibiting Rocca’s work we are proud to be providing a major showing of his art to be celebrated along with our tenth anniversary.
Michael J. Wolf with pride presents “City Views” the art of Luigi Rocca.