Mario Gualandri Chef Is Out 2010


Mario Gualandri. Chef Is Out. Storie di incontri tra cibo, arte e… condivisione.

Curator: Mario Gualandri
80 pg.

Languages: Italian, English
Size: 21×15 cm
Designed by

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Catalogue of the personal show “Chef is Out” by Mario Gualandri, mounted at Melori & Rosenberg Gallery from May 9th to 16th, 2010.
This is a handbook which balances two of Mario’s greatest passions: photography and cooking. Unpublished recipes, a fusion of tradition and personal experimentation, which give way to unbelievable evocative shots in a winding path that leads the public from starter to dessert, with mouth water.
Introducted by Melori & Rosenberg Publisher, Maria Gabriella D’Amato and Alice Faga’s interview to the artist, the catalogue features critical texts by Francesco Avallone, Elio & Theresa Longobardi and Maria Raffaella Talotta. The fourteen exhibited photographs are associated in this handbook to fourteen delicious recipes.