As Time Goes By 2016


As Time Goes By.

Curator: Donatella Bedello
80 pg.

Language: Italian
Size: 21×21 cm
Designed and printed by Livingstone Paint Factory

Price: 10 €


Catalogue of the group show “As Time Goes By” mounted at Melori & Rosenberg Gallery from December 5th to 15th, 2016.
We celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Gallery with a group show dedicated to the time, which sometimes flies, sometimes passes slowly, often lacks.
Thirty-four Italian and foreign artists, both expert and amateur, happily accepted our invitation and interpreted time by creating an art-clock with their personal materials and technique.
Particular works, full of meaning, symbols, talent and culture.
Since the very first draft, the plan was exhibiting the artworks on one single line, the timeline, and this is the reason why all the clocks are the same size. This way, the visitor can effortless overview them, and will feel so charmed and involved by each and any interpretation that will be eager to find its own.
The exhibition will be visitable in Spring in Pesariis, in the Province of Udin, where the Museum of Clocks has its seat.
Besides the images of the Artists, their biographies and their art-clocks, the catalogue features a preface by Donatella B. Melori and a critic introduction by Francesca Mezzatesta (art historic and critic). The show was sponsored by the Townhall of Pesariis.