Luigi Rocca - A New Experience


A new experience. New York, Jerushalaim, Venezia.

Curator: Petra Schaefer
60 pg.

Languages: Italian, English
Size: 24×24 cm
Designed and printed by UTVi Tipolito Srl – Vicenza

Price: 25 €


It is the catalogue of the one-man show of Luigi Rocca mounted at the Jewish Museum of Venice. It was opened on the occasion of the 5th European Day of the Jewish Culture, on September 5th, 2004 and was visitable until February 28th, 2005.
Besides the images of all the exhibited paintings, divided into three sections (New York, Jerusalem and Venice), the catalogue features the complete biography of the Artist, a preface by Donatella B. Melori, a welcome text by the President of the Jewish Community of Venice Dott. Dario Calimani and a critic introduction by Petra Schaefer Andreoli.
The Venetian Jewish Community provides opportunities for reflecting on the Jewish world and on perspectives for representing it. What is most striking about Luigi Rocca’s art is his attempt, indeed his need to approach reality through a twofold process of artistic meditation. Luigi Rocca moves away from this art form by introducing a further stage of invention and by distancing himself a further step. Thus, his painting becomes a copy of the artistic product of photography, or a copy of the copy.