Plastic Powers, personal exhibition by Giorgio Rocca

By September 23, 2016 May 25th, 2018 Exhibition, Giorgio Rocca

The show Plastic Powers was opened on Sunday, September 18th, 2016, the day when the Ghetto celebrated the European Day of the Jewish Culture.

The topic of this year was language. Our interpretation, as an art gallery, was an emotional language with the exhibition “Plastic Powers” by Giorgio Rocca.

His canvases carry us back in time in an emotional trip: through toys and games he recalls the sweet memories everybody preserves in their heart of the time they spent playing, when there were no other priorities and the only purpose of the day was playing.
This way, his canvases directly speak to the heart of the children we have been, wake them up moving us.

In particular, with the exhibition “Plastic Powers”, the topic of toys and games is not only developed through the simple yet evocative still life representation of old tin toys from the past, but it also extends to the symbolism of the modern toys and games, since they mimic an invented protective reality by showing a warlike, muscular strength which falsely reassures people, up to end into a sea in which indestructible plastic products are floating (represented by the latest artwork painted by the artist, the rubber ducks).

The hyperrealist technique with which Giorgio has masterfully painted these canvases makes any description useless. I will briefly say that he was influenced by the Master of Photorealism Charles Bell, that these are canvases on which he superimposes a lot of coats of acrylic and oil colors, and layers of transparent varnishes that allow his brushstrokes to be particularly clear, and that in complete harmony with his technique he has chosen to accurately represent not only these toys and games’s details but also their use and time signs.
A hyperrealism that challenges photography without fears.

The show was open until September, 28th, 2016.

Pictures of the exhibition

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