Original Vespa by Luigi Rocca

By November 10, 2005 July 28th, 2018 Luigi Rocca

Vespa, like the means of transport?

Yes, indeed!

First it was the Berliner Tanzen Bear, an extraordinary request by one of Luigi Rocca’s customers.

And then it was this: another of Luigi Rocca‘s fans owned an old original Italian Vespa from the ’50s. One day he went to visit an exhibition, fell in love with Luigi Rocca’s art and got the idea: an original artwork right on his beloved motorcyle. So he went home and for six months he reconditioned the Vespa with his own hands, until it came back to its original splendour.

Mr Rocca accepted to paint it and there you are: a typical American landscape on a typical Italian Vespa. We could say: an artwork on the artwork!

Mr Rocca decided to paint it with his favourite medium, acrylic. Moreover, he close to paint it in black and white. Which, when it comes to Luigi Rocca, does mean a paletteful of gray tones and shades. It was shipped to Venice according to the Venetian laws on means of transports, which means without even a drop of gas.

We are always curious about Luigi Rocca’s art, so we went to his atelier to take some pictures.

Now this unique piece is part of the important art collection of a German private customer and is loved and admired on the beautiful island of Sylt.

We can admire the pictures!

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