The Soul of Women by Cecilia Martin Birsa

The Soul of Women has been investigated since forever, and it is really difficult to be understood, both by men and women themselves. Cecilia Martin Birsa let these rocks inspire her, and was able to extract these sculptures, which you can see here in the show, and represent some of the thousands facets of women.

Cecilia Martin Birsa began as a painter, then was introducted to the powerful antique technique of carving river rocks and found out her real flair, with the great results that you can see.

It is not an easy technique. It requires strenght, to take the stones to Cecilia’s studio and carve them; it requires balance, because too strong a blow can break the stone but on the other hand too weak a blow creates nothing; it requires imagination, because when seeing each rock Cecilia shall imagine what it will become; it requires talent, which Cecilia definitely has. She has this all. We are very happy to exhibit her works, in particular this year, being our 20th year here in the Ghetto: a woman studying women in a gallery run by women is a perfect blend.

Pictures of the exhibition

Watch the opening