opening of the show

The opening

The opening of the exhibition Postcards|Cartoine took place at our Gallery on Sunday, June 11th, 2017.

After greeting and welcoming the guests, Donatella introduced the two artists and the curator. Riccardo Costantini and Stefano Bullo together with Daniel Buso explained the meaning of their choices and the sense of their “artistic meeting”. These two young yet talented artists have known each other since their studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice and kept cooperating up to date.

They decided to make this exhibition together to communicate their contemporary vision of reality. Of course, they have their own style and approach, but they have also worked together to create some unique pieces of Murano glass [see them here]. To realize them, they have combined their subjects with this particular technique. These small special artworks also gave the name to the exhibition. 

An original exhibition

For the first time we have had in our gallery glass artworks, so this is very special for us too. Moreover the oils on canvas of the two artists are very large and this is a news for our small gallery as well. But we thought it was worth it to have them here because they are so beautiful and interesting.

A lot of people came to the opening. Massimo Rosestolato accompanied it with some good live music, and we all enjoyed a nice refreshment together. Videos and photos were taken during the opening, to keep memory of this special moment. Thank you Flavio Fuga and Sara Cremonese for the wonderful snapshots.

After the official speech, the artists personally met and explained the visitors their choices showing some details and expressing their satisfaction and joy for this work. 

Watch the critic introduction by Curator Daniel Buso

See the event images