Once upon a Time – Veronica Green

By November 23, 2008 August 23rd, 2018 Exhibition
castello veronica green 100x100 cm

New Zealand painter Veronica Green

Opening on the 23rd of November, 2008 at Melori & Rosenberg Gallery in Campo del Ghetto Nuovo, Cannaregio 2919, Venice, the solo exhibition “Once Upon a Time” of paintings by the New Zealand Artist Veronica Green, promising new talent of the Gallery, will be visitable until December the 14th, 2008.

The show presents fifteen original artworks selected for the occasion, some unpublished and others from Veronica’s personal show that just closed in Florence. The Artworks are made with the typical technique of Veronica Green: different materials (such as acrylic colours, gold and silver foil, cotton, spray paint) cohabit in harmony on her canvases and blend to create a tale, a history which is perfectly clear to the eyes of every observer.

Veronica Green uses both a great amount of Maori symbols, which she knows in depth, and a lot of personal symbols, which she developed through the years of her life; these symbols are functional to the story told by each canvas and capture the eye of the observers, who every time will find a detail, a detail in which they had not noticed before.

This young and brilliant Artist’s canvases are enjoyable on several levels. There exists a story, the original story; there exists the story which Veronica can transfer onto the canvas, and there exists the story which then she manages to explain with her own words; there exist then millions of stories, the stories which every one of us observers perceives and chooses, consciously or subconsciously, to see.
Veronica Green’s canvases hold our hands and carry us into a different world, made of more or less recognizable elements, made of castles, stairs, butterflies, swans, Venetian briccole (poles for the boats) and benches, made of colours, luminescence, reflections and shadows, a world which catches and selflessly gives the observer a broad sensation of emotions and allows the observer to pause and have a moment’s break from everyday life.

Who is Veronica?

Veronica Green was born in New Zealand however her heritage is also a mixture of Italian and Polish nationality. Her mixed ethnicity has given her a receptiveness which has been a major influence in her work and has driven her towards her passion for Maori art.
She has completed a Fine Arts Honours Degree at Massey University, majoring in Toi Atea: contemporary Maori art and Design.
She participated in numerous personal and collective exhibitions in New Zealand and Italy.

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