Murano Glass Postcards

By June 14, 2017 May 25th, 2018 Exhibition, Riccardo Costantini
murano glass postcards wall

Murano Glass Postcards from Venice

Murano Glass Postcards features some oils on canvas by Riccardo Costantini and Stefano Bullo. They have also produced a special series of postcards (cartoine in Venetian) on Murano glass and are presenting it in absolute preview at our gallery.

Their realization

This is the procedure as explained by Stefano Bullo: “These are original Murano glass cut outs I have conveniently pierced at the top corners to allow them to be hung on the wall.¬† Each of them has been serigraphed by hand with the same technique you use for prints – but instead of using specific colours for papers and canvases, I have used ceramic powder. I glazed them. After this procedure, both Riccardo Costantini and I chose the subjects and handpainted them on the cut outs so that they are more interesting and – above all – unique pieces.”

Make your wall

Through this technique these cut outs are amazing unique pieces of art which can find their location on any wall thanks to their small size (17×12 cm, exactly like a postcard) to an affordable price thanks to the serigraph method.

You can choose your postcards and hang them close to make your special Venice wall.