“Interior colors” – Lucia Sarto

By May 16, 2010 May 25th, 2018 Exhibition, Lucia Sarto

A personal Show by Lucia Sarto, at the Melori & Rosenberg Gallery, San Polo 2815 (Campiello San Tomà)

Painting your own dream

Lucia Sarto returns to delight our eyes with her fine art ath the well-known Melori & Rosenberg Gallery in Venice, that for several years has continued to celebrate and appreciate her talent.
“Interior colours” is the first Lucia Sarto’s exhibition being born with the intention of taking the opposite, but often complementary, spheres of art, architecture and design closer one to the other. The materiality of architecture and the design trimmings are tied together with the flexibility and variability of art. In this way, art takes new connotations, finds significant similarities and points of contact but also profound differences with the world of design which consists of order, rationality and balance.

For this special occasion, the main hall of the Melori & Rosenberg Gallery reproposes full-scale a contemporary kitchen. On the walls, the giant poster shows the room in production printed on canvas, courtesy of a sponsor.

The linearity, the formal clarity, the careful design of the kitchen, proposed trimmed in lacquered white, surrounds the space in which Lucia Sarto leaves her talent free. Already from the entrance, the path of the exhibition shows that “Interior Colors” is intended to enhance the sensation of feeling in a warm environment: the visitor finds himself immediately immersed in a different kitchen, in a world of such careful, precise and sensitive painting.
There is a table laid with a breakfast set and the side furniture with decorated vases on it: here you breathe the art of Mrs Sarto!
Moreover, the lamp on the table, made entirely of wood, fits the furniture out: almost a sign of support for nature that Lucia loves deeply. On the walls of the room, the paintings of the artist catch the eye: they are a pleasant invitation to sidestep the real life so to live moments of our time in full harmony, photographs of instants in which the artistic talent and also profound humanity are shown up.

Everything is brushed with the refined softness of Lucia that, in all her pictorial representation, let us live vibrant emotions that go straight to the heart.
On this special occasion, the art does not simply dwell in the two-dimensionality of the canvas, but it sweeps through three dimensions: the artist’s decorations enrich vases, trays and accessories for the kitchen, that take new facets. The delicate sign of Mrs Sarto gives to design objects: the delicacy of flowers and décor integrates seamlessly with the pots, giving a new look to the elements that before had no personality and that are now nicely embroidered by art.
Bright colours, light brushstrokes, a sparkling and vital sign… sunflowers sprawl, poppies, daisies, callas: Lucia’s kitchen is not a minimalist architectural space but it takes new connotations and becomes a warm and welcoming environment.

In “inner Colors” architecture, with its space and movement, design, with its study of trimmings, art, with its heterogeneity in styles, sign and ideas, seek new meeting, union and interpenetration points. Lucia Sarto, thanks to her pictorial art which manifests itself with great humanity, becomes the leitmotif of so different but complementary universes.

Lucia paints her dream… the dream that everyone should cultivate…

Veronica Balutto, Architect

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