In the Light and the Igor Molin poetry’s

Poet Eugenio Montale used to define the noon hours as the moment of the day made of “silences where things lie forsaken and seem to betray their ultimate secret”. Igor Molin portrays his characters – ordinary tourists visiting the Venetian lagoon, common people or busy kids playing down in the streets – in these moments, when the blazing sun that shines over the human existence looks like about to reveal an absolute truth.
 Through his compositions, made with a meticulous synthesis of composition schemes, Molin is able to fix with photographic eye the contemporary men’s instants of crisis, when all the appearance of our image-society and the falsehood of mass tourism fall under the ruthless midday heat.

The exhibition at our gallery

The exhibition, curated by Gabriele Salvaterra and mounted at Melori & Rosenberg Art Gallery of Venice, presents several painting and graphic artworks from the most recent production by Igor Molin. The project, supported by the pubblication of a new catalogue, suggests a deep thought on the exploitation suffered from places, especially if set in Venice in conjunction with the worldwide famous Biennale-event.

In front of the blinding light of noon and on a minimalistic background which calls to mind Burano’s colors and architectures. This show questions the fragile relationships between the genuineness of a place and its touristic globalization, between slowness and speed of life experiences, between desired profoundness and forced surface to which mankind seems to be subdued nowadays.
 Yet in this sharp light, where shadows almost resemble metaphysical presences, Molin sets his most recent production, based on the recollection of experiences which were typical of any childhood until a few decades ago.
The games of good old times and the naive enthusiasm of kids for precious because “useless” activities, seem to be suggested as a possible cure to speed and superficiality with which the contemporary man approaches places and life.