Go west young man go west

By September 17, 2017 May 25th, 2018 Exhibition
cartolina mostra personale di salvalaggio

A personal exhibition of photographs by Filippo Salvalaggio

“Go west, young man, go west.” The first personal exhibition of photographs by Filippo Salvalaggio, Venetian photographer, opens at our gallery on Sunday, September 17th, 2017.

Critic review by Lucia Toso

Filippo Salvalaggio was born in Venice in 1961 and has a BA in Economics from Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. […]

“Go west, young man. Go West,” was the incitement to the American pioneers who, in the mid-nineteenth century, from the cities on the east coast of the United States pushed the frontier more and more westward to California, the land that became the main target for filmmakers , music and figurative arts. California was also a sought after location for Filippo, who saw in the Golden State a landing place for his photography, a long desired trip. […]

We can say that perhaps California is a bit like the collective imagination: powerful colors, softened by unexpected sweetness, in places that keep
resembling a wild natural spirit, or that have borrowed it from urban environments. It is in all of his shots that we recognize the masters from
whom Filippo has found inspiration: the Modenese Franco Fontana, author of marvelous geometries full of vivid colors, the Americans Saul Leiter and Alex
Webb, two giants of Street photography and Fan Ho, photographer – but also director and actor – who died last year and was the undisputed photographer of the street, interpreted and described as a landscape of fierce abstraction. […]

California is still today, even for many Americans, a land of great dreams, civil liberties and immortal hopes, and so, awaiting for the Big One, the earthquake that will inevitably make it slip into the abyss, we continue to incite everyone with a sound: “Go west! Let’s go west, guys.” Even if it is just a dream…

The exhibition featured 20 photographs. A catalogue containing all images and the critic review was published and is available at the Gallery.

This was his first personal exhibition.

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