Forme Nude by Mario Gualandri until May 23rd

By May 16, 2010 May 25th, 2018 Exhibition, Mario Gualandri

The personal Show by Mario Gualandri “FORME NUDE” will go on till May, 23rd at the Gallery in the Ghetto.

There are many ways to tell the condition of contemporary man. Mario Gualandri, free from ideological constraints and far away from pedagogical purposes, suggests a sharp and challenging game played on associations, approaches, allusions, implicits.
His images, his recipes are pertinent to the everlasting problem of recognizing and embracing differences, according dream and reality, expressing hidden emotions, looking for new and possible balances that should be invented and personalized more than discovered.
Artistic expression and food refinement, thought, cared, before tasted show different routes of interior silence and introspective research which, within the news both of the occasion and of trespass, stimulate us to creative effort, to enjoy the expectation and the outcome, to balance thought and emotion.
His visual and wording languages gain the magic power to suggest, to whisper, never imposing or abusing as a possible way of enjoying reality and encouraging more sophisticated styles of human coexistence.

Francesco Avallone

About me
A picture, a ring, a necklace, a sculpture, a freshly prepared dish. What have these things in common? Easy to say…
They have Mario. Who has the pleasure to meet him knows I’m not exaggerating if I say his talent is so clear and strong to appear in every kind of artistical expressions he applies with. And Mario makes these things tirelessly as energies which lead him are curiosity and passion, always not satisfing obvious and looking for new ways, new challenges. Following his path it’s an exciting adventure. All the senses are engaged: the eye, smell, taste, touch, and even the ear can hear the expression of whole musicality. And what about who is so lucky to be his friend? He is better than a brother!

Elio e Theresa Longobardi

An original way to show through a process of immages and emotion in order to spread such vibrant feelings. Mario is appreciated for his ability to combine in an “unicum” the five human senses. And on this perspective any work can be: seen, smelt, touched till we can almost feel the taste of each elements used to make it and the sound of artist’s thoughts that stand out as background.

Maria Raffaella Talotta

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