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By May 27, 2018 July 24th, 2018 Exhibition
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Creativity in the Campo

Eight Artists from FIDAPA BPW Italy, section of Treviso, exhibit their artwork in a group exhibition from Sunday, May 27th to Thursday, June 7th.

The critic introduction of the exhibition is by Arch. Micol Pillon.

The Artists

Annamaria Astorri chooses as the main technique of her art oil painting, which she experiments on b oththe canvas and the cardboard. The subjects presented potted flowers, a theme present in art ince the Middle Ages. Her works show the will to fix in an instant the beauty of a flower.
Luciana Caberlotto presents herself as an artist who loves experimenting with the diversity of techniques,moving from the two-dimensionality of painting to the plasticity of clay, realized also with the ancient raku technique. Her painting, in light tones, reflects the beauty of a spring day, a beauty that we can find
enclosed even in her dancers, sitting in a moment of pause and contemplation.
Maria Beatrice Gregorj chooses to give vent to her creativity through painting on ceramics, mindful of afamily tradition that is part of her story. The chosen subjects draw from nature and the Orient, who recalls in his works thanks to the use of color and gold.
Gio’ Ferrante chooses instead the watercolor. Her works, whose main subjects are
flowers, show a great intensity. The technique is not a limit to her. Usually we associate watercolor with a very delicate color. Gio’ instead uses an intense and decisive color, which highlights a great security in the pictorial gesture.
Maria Antonia Maso Borso is instead a poet. The three works presented, tell us about family, love and literary inspirations, but we can read herself in “Vor├Ča”, a composition written in dialect, which traces the origins of her native land and landscapes.

Donatella Pagani‘s works recall a painting that draws on the iconography of the past. The subjects are delicate and graceful faces that recall the women of the late Renaissance but treated in a modern key, thanks to the use of a nuanced that makes these representations ethereal.
Francesca Pra’ prefers instead of ancient techniques such as painting on glass plates and modeling ceramics, which revisits in a personal and modern way. In the glass plates, a man with an umbrella, faceless, faces the world and compares with the forces of nature that do not in any way disturb his observation. The ceramic
sculptures instead explore the world of the abysses, an environment populated by shells, made alive thanks to the use of gold, and fish, which recall their nature thanks to a repetitive pattern.
Fiorenza Vincenzi focuses on the city of Venice, a city that stands on the water and is suspended between heaven and earth, but that is not the protagonist of the canvas. The scene is in fact dominated by clothes that float in the air and bring to mind the presence of a humanity that is purely feminine. Then there is the
representation of nature which is expressed in a colorful butterfly and a tree in the background, elements made with strength and decision, thanks to a clever use of color.

The exhibition

A small exhibition of great value and great experience. With these words I think we can summarize the works presented by these eight women. Experiences that offer an example of how women of the past have opened the way to the expression of modern woman.”

The exhibition is open from Sunday, May 27th, 2018 to Thursday, June 7th, 2018 from 10 am to 2 pm.

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