CALL FOR ENTRIES to the Collective Exhibition: “Ghetto d’artista”

Venice, February 2017

The Melori & Rosenberg Gallery, a consolidated reality on the contemporary art scene in the city of Venice since 1996, located in the heart of the Jewish Ghetto, is promoting and organising the Collective Exhibition entitled “Ghetto d’Artista“, under the curatorship of Martina Campese, to celebrate the European Day of Jewish Culture 2017, Sunday, September 3, 2017.

The idea was conceived by gallery owner/artist Donatella B. Melori who strives to invite Italian and European artists to observe, live, breathe, explore, be inspired and leave traces of their experience in the Venetian Jewish ghetto. Despite there not being a drastic contrast in the architectonic harmony of the city, there is a tangible difference in atmosphere in the Ghetto, like being in an island on an island.

Each Artist attending the Collective Exhibition will be required to present a work of art based on the many aspects of the Jewish Ghetto, its historic, religious, landscape and architectonic traces….. with a tangible and deeply personal insight into this subject.

The photographic, artistic or sculpture work must measure 30×30 cm with a maximum depth of 5 cm, and a weight that allows it to be hung on a wall. This will allow works of distinctly different styles to be exhibited with a certain overall harmony.

The works will be exhibited in the Gallery for 10 days, from September 3 – 13, 2017.
The Melori & Rosenberg Gallery has organised and set up many personal and collective exhibitions at the gallery and also at prestigious external  locations, in Italy and abroad (Jewish Museum of Venice, Church of St. Salvador and St. Roch in Venice, Church of St. Anthony Abate in Udine, the Leonardo da Vinci City Hall in San Dona di Piave, residence of the Italian Ambassador in Tel Aviv, Institute of Italian Culture in Jerusalem and Haifa, San Diego, New York).
The “Ghetto d’Artista” exhibition is part of a project in the making, which began in 2015 with the collective exhibition entitled “As time goes by”, the topic being artist watches, which went on to become a highly successful travelling exhibition.

Registration Form

The artist is required to submit the registration form, attached to the Call for Entries, within and no later than 28 February 2017 by email to [email protected] Submitting the form allows for project pre-registration, which will be confirmed on reaching a minimum number of 50 participating artists. Each artist will promptly receive notice on whether or not the collective exhibition will take place.

Receipts for the subscription payment must be received by 15 March 2017.
Each Artist must submit the following to the Gallery email [email protected], within and no later than 15 June 2017:

  • portfolio of the artist with personal photograph (specifications: 300 dpi, size in cm. 10 x 10);
  • a high definition photograph of the work of art (specifications: 300 dpi, size in cm. 15 x 15);
  • a short biography in Italian (1,000 characters);
  • relative retail price of the work to the public including VAT 22%.

The photograph and short biography will be used to create the exhibition catalogue.

Payment terms and conditions

The participation fee for each Artist is Euro 120.00. The fee includes: expenditure incurred by the gallery, set-up, creation and publication of the catalogue (of which each artist will receive a copy), advertising, posters and vernissage, and 22% VAT for the billing prepared for each participating artists.

An invoice will be issued and sent by email upon receiving the payment.

Payment shall effected by bank transfer to LIVINGSTONE PAINT FACTORY SRL, head office of the Melori & Rosenberg Gallery, bearing the description: “Ghetto d’Artista exhibition registration fee + name and surname of the artist”.

Payment information:
Bank: Unicredit
Branch:  # 904, Campo San Salvador 5058-5059, 30124, Venice, Italy
IBAN:  IT47M 02008 02004 000100861857

Delivery of works and conditions of sale

If the work of art is sold, the Gallery shall retain 30% of the paid amount.

The work of art must reach the Melori & Rosenberg Gallery, Cannaregio 2919, Campo del Ghetto Novo, 30121 Venice, Italy by 30 June 2017.
Please note that any works exceeding the standard measurement of 30×30 cm will be returned to the author, with all expenses charged to the same.

The work of art must be suitably packed with materials providing adequate protection, and of the kind that can be re-used to return the work to the artist at the end of the exhibition. Please be reminded that the work of art must be of the required weight and equipped with relative wall-hanging fixtures.  All delivery and return transportation costs, along with relative insurance, shall be borne by the Artist.

A fact sheet must be included inside the package indicating:

  • the Artist’s name
  • complete address of the Artist
  • Title of the Work
  • Work technique
  • Selling price to the public inclusive of 22% VAT.

Each Artist shall grant the use of image rights of the Work, and the authorisation to use his/her name on any advertising, mass media, posters, catalogues, internet videos, TV and other forms of communication and event promotional activities.

Although surveillance of the works will be provided, the Artists are fully liable for their works, even in case of damage or deterioration caused by adverse weather conditions (as indicated in the liability release clause to be signed on the registration form).


E-mail: [email protected]
Martina Campese +39 3356674210