“Beyond borders” by Luigi Rocca

By June 18, 2009 August 23rd, 2018 Exhibition, Luigi Rocca

From the new book “Luigi Rocca, Eine Monographie”

“Discovering Luigi Rocca’s art means falling in love with the vision of what is, on canvas, what we often view without being able to actually see. Entering his artistic worlds is like leafing through an old photobook, which we have been jealously guarding for years even though it does not contain pictures taken from us. The images with which the artist captures our attention belong to us, we feel they are part of our past, even when it is the very first time we see them.

The relationship between the viewer and the artist is in this case almost alchemic, thanks to the able combination of real memories and their idealization. A vision/emotion which will captivate us from page to page.”

These are Petra Schaefer’s words in her preface of the hyperrealist Artist Luigi Rocca’s new monographie. The bilingual book (Italian and German) published by Melori & Rosenberg Publisher was released in Berlin as a preview in April, and will be introduced for the first time to the Italian public by Lorenzo Tomasin.

After the introduction the exhibition Beyond Borders by Luigi Rocca will be opened at Melori & Rosenberg Gallery in Venice. It features 6 new originals and a unique collection of details from his painitngs printed on pvc, as a reference to his brand new monographie.


Location: Melori & Rosenberg temporary Art Gallery

Opening time: 19.30

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