Atlantis – Veronica Green

By June 14, 2009 August 23rd, 2018 Exhibition, Various
atlantis 100x100 cm veronica green

The myth of the sunken continent: Atlantis

On the occasion of this personal exhibition Veronica Green has given new life to Atlantis; once again she joins our hands and escorts us during a guided tour to the world that can be created only by her. Veronica’s artworks follow one after the other with references and symbols, and together they are the tribute that this young New Zealand Artist dedicates to the myth of the sunken continent with her characteristic techniques.
The landscapes created by Veronica on the canvases in the show tell us about life on Atlantis after its sinking, at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Life at the bottom of the Ocean is still possible, even though it is different from earthly life. Once again Veronica doesn’t show us the sky, there are only sea stars to symbolize the vault of the Ocean, the border between water and air: we are completely absorbed by the landscape, and without breathing apparatus we observe it hardly realizing the absence of air.


References to Atlantis are several, beginning from the structure of the artworks: Veronica divides them into ascending levels, like Atlantis has been described as divided into concentric circles that emerge from water, whose altitude gets bigger as getting nearer to the centre. The artworks are different for size and themes; main characters change from time to time to show us the different aspects of the population of the sunken city. In the majestic testimonial, “Atlantis”, a big canvas, Veronica gives us a panorama where Poseidon is framed while staring at a young lady with thick red hair. This is Cleito: according to tradition, it was for her that Poseidon built the unapproachable mountain in the heart of Atlantis. With its luxuriant nature, springs that spurting everywhere, making its plains fertile, an intricate mix of details stolen from tradition and particulars created by Veronica’s fantasy.

References to Veronica’s life are also heavily incorporated: besides saints, butterflies, windows that we could find in her past artworks, here we discover new ones: fishes, as a symbol for New Zealand, to indicate freedom in a cold relationship with human beings; coral, a return to the painter’s Sardinian roots; anemones as symbols for the traps we meet with in life.
A guided tour to the artworks of this bright artist would be useful just in case we should decide to live them according to her point of view: once again, Veronica leaves signs that we can freely interpret, without binds nor strict keys to their reading, just complying with ourselves, creating every time a different story, assigning meanings and references to our lives, or utilizing as a point of departure our fantasy, our experience, which emerges, like Atlantis, from our past.


Date: from June 14th to 28th, 2009.

Location: Melori & Rosenberg Art Gallery, Cannaregio 2919, Venice

Opening hours: Monday through Friday from 4 pm to 7 pm

Information requests: [email protected]

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