Sabrina Rocca was born in 1973 in Turin, Italy. She works and lives in Switzerland. After obtaining a degree in Architecture, she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and dedicate herself to art. Through her artistic production she wanted to unite her two great passions: art and architecture.

The shiny, multicoloured works of Sabrina Rocca captivate the observer with their glossy and seductive appeal. However, it would be an error to compare them to the advertising images that we are used to seeing nowadays. Through the reproduction of images the artist reflects contemporary society, penetrating it in depth to understand its internal dynamics – dynamics that are easily overlooked with only a superficial and hasty glance.
There is a quote of Max Beckmann which the artist herself has chosen for the inside cover of her catalogue, and it suggests the key to interpreting her work: “If you wish to get hold of the invisible, you must penetrate as deeply as possible into the visible”.
Sabrina’s viewpoint is an attentive and critical one, but at the same time it does not ignore he fun and playfulness of metropolitan life, capturing the allure of its colours, its shop windows and its hypnotic spell.
She has inherited a love for the American continent from her father, who was an artist renowned for his views of New York from above. But she has been able to re-elaborate things through a personal and subjective angle, freeing herself from the original initial family influence, opening herself to provocative works impregnated with conceptuality. Mirrored windows, buildings and views enchanting in their colors, signs stolen from the street leading us to deep reflection on our way of life, suggesting, with apparent lightness, pearls of optimism and a positive philosophy of life.

In the series ‘Joys of childhood’, however, his eyes look at objects and fetishes of the time lost in which each of us were happy for the small joys of everyday life, when it was enough the magic of a water gun or a soap bubble to trigger an enthusiastic smile. Here are the sweets, delicious and sparkling, here is the gummy bear that in a fit of nostalgia, we all want more, looking for that feeling hopeless, a mourned ‘golden age’.




August 1, 2018 in Antonio Henry Vigino, Bedello DC, Cecilia Martin Birsa, Current exhibition, Elisa Rossi, Estelle Rocca-Serra, Fabio Colussi, Giorgio Rocca, Giovanni Mascia, Igor Molin, Lucia Sarto, Luigi Rocca, Mario Gualandri, Marja Van Der Linden, Minna Laaksonen, Riccardo Costantini, Sabrina Rocca, Valerio Minato

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“As Time goes by”

A Group Exhibition
in Melori & Rosenberg Art Gallery
5/12/2015 – 13/12/2015

“Sabrina Rocca”

Personal Exhibition in Banca Cividale Friuli
16/06/2015 – 30/06/2015