Riccardo Costantini (Venice, Italy, January, 5th 1981) got his Degree at the Liceo Artistico Statale High School in Venice, and afterwards he enroled at the Venice Fine Arts School. There, he got his Bachelor’s degree in painting and also completed a two-year Master’s degree in Visual Arts and Performing Arts specialising in painting. In 2004 he won the “Bevilacqua La Masa” Foundation internship for painting.
He has participated in many exhibitions along with other artists in different cities, such as Venezia, Vicenza, Udine, Padova, Torino, Catania, Monsumano Terme and Brescia (in Italy), Norfolk (in the USA-Virginia) and Ptuj (in Slovenia). He has also done large personal exhibitions both in Venice and Paris. Nowadays he is working and living in his hometown, Venice (Italy).


After swimming in the sea



August 1, 2018 in Antonio Henry Vigino, Bedello DC, Cecilia Martin Birsa, Current exhibition, Elisa Rossi, Estelle Rocca-Serra, Fabio Colussi, Giorgio Rocca, Giovanni Mascia, Igor Molin, Lucia Sarto, Luigi Rocca, Mario Gualandri, Marja Van Der Linden, Minna Laaksonen, Riccardo Costantini, Sabrina Rocca, Valerio Minato

Our permanent collection

We are working on new wonderful one-man shows. In the meantime, our permanent collection of paintings is hanging on our gallery's walls. We will be pleased to welcome you and…
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June 19, 2017 in Exhibition, Riccardo Costantini

How were the glass Postcards|Cartoine made?

Postcards|Cartoine is the title of the unique artwork made by Stefano Bullo and Riccardo Costantini together. It is a series of original Murano glass cut outs handpainted by the two…
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“As Time goes by”

A Group Exhibition
in Melori & Rosenberg Art Gallery
5/12/2015 – 13/12/2015


“In the space of the Cross”

A Group Exhibition in Chiesa San Salvador
20/05/2010 – 30/05/2010

A Group Exhibition in Chiesa San Rocco
23/07/2010 – 31/10/2010


“Beach – no one as one”

Personal Exhibition in Melori & Rosenberg Art Gallery
18/10/2009 – 30/11/2009