Mario Gualandri was born in Rome April 13, 1971 where he lives and works. He attended Fine Arts in Rome, he graduated at ‘University “Sapienza” in Psychology of Organizations and PhD.
The logic that steers his art work is a proceed to following seductive effects,  in his photos materiality becomes tactile, in his sculptures each material echoes of its intimate beauty, uniqueness and existence. A recall to instinctual nature to foster that inner universe inside and harmonize with the context without prevarication, where the work is a solipsism that draws its origins from a collective consciousness.
His first photo reportage “from earth to heaven” comes from his studies at Fine Arts.
In 1995, he meets the perspex and carves his previous works originally made with copper.
It dates back to 1997, his first solo exhibition in Rome’s San Lorenzo district “The art transport where each eye dies – Exhibition of art concepts in sculpture.”
In the same year he competes  in the collective exhibition “Creativity in comparison”  in Catania. He wins  the prize as best sculptor with his  “Musa”, a perspex structure.
In 1998, he competes in a collective international exhibition “Young artists of Italy and Mediterranean Area” sponsored by the City of Rome with his work, a bas-relief in marble, copper and perspex whose title sums up his vision “Promised Land “.
In the years of academic commitments, he worked for commission.
In 2009 the partnership with Melori & Rosenberg Gallery in Venice starts.
In 2010 he competes in the collective exhibition “In the space of the Cross” curator Melori & Rosenberg Gallery at the Church of San Salvador (Venice, 25 April to 30 May 2010).
In 2010 (May 9 to May 23) his solo exhibition in Venice  “FORME NUDE” at Melori & Rosenberg Gallery.
In 2010 he published the book “Chef is out”, A work that surfs through his photographs and his culinary experiments; intimate emotions and delicate synergies between the sensory and tactile experience.
In January 2011, inspired by the Venetian experience,  his jewelry brand FORME NUDE, “wearable sculptures”.
In 2012 he competes in the International exhibition “ Bijoux d’Autore”, at its fourth edition in Rome, where he receives the prize of the Jury observatory with His jewel “Synthesis”.
In 2013 he competes in the collective exhibition “Open Art Award – X° Edition” where he receives the second prize for sculpture.
In 2014 he makes prizes for the American event “48 hour film project” in its only unique Italian performance in Rome.
In 2015 (May 8 to May 31) he competes in the collective exhibition “Verso lo Zenit, il soffio divino dell’arte”, Galleria di Arte Civica Moderna, Monreale (PA), Italy.
In 2015 he competes in the collective exhibition “As Time Goes By” curator Melori & Rosenberg Gallery (Venice, 06 December to 13 December 2015).


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“As Time goes by”

A Group Exhibition
in Melori & Rosenberg Art Gallery
5/12/2015 – 13/12/2015

“Forme nude”

Personal Exhibition in Banca Cividale Friuli
1/06/2015 – 15/06/2015


“In the space of the Cross”

A Group Exhibition in Chiesa San Salvador
20/05/2010 – 30/05/2010

A Group Exhibition in Chiesa San Rocco
23/07/2010 – 31/10/2010

“Forme nude”

Personal Exhibition in Melori & Rosenberg Art Gallery
9/05/2010 – 23/05/2010