Luigi Rocca, the hyperrealist painter, was born in Porpetto, near Udine, Italy.

After attending the Academia Art School, he moved to Turin, where he completed his artistic studies. At sixteen, Luigi gained renown at a student level as his work was much appreciated at city and regional art exhibitions. Figurative art became the object of his creations but landscapes also fascinated him. He turned to the past for inspiration, while remaining with his feet firmly planted in the present.
In 1980 Luigi wished to expand his horizons. America beckoned to him. So, without losing touch with his beloved Realism, his art became more contemporary. In Manaus, upon the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and support of Brazilian authorities, a personal exhibition by Luigi obtained very favourable review.
In 1985 a simple exhibition at Turin’s Viotti Gallery consecrated Luigi in his adoptive city as one of the most prestigious artists representing hyper-realism, that much-discussed pictorial genre.
In 1987 Luigi met Giorgio Bordon, the manager of an important and prestigious art gallery, the San Giorgio Art Gallery, in Portofino, Italy, where he exhibited his art for several years.
In 1998 he exhibited at Art Expo in New York, and in the following years many personal exhibitions were organized in New Orleans and San Francisco.
In 1996 Luigi returned to Venice. He exhibits his artworks at Melori & Rosenberg Art Gallery, his reference gallery in Italy.

Since then, with the collaboration of the Gallery, he exhibited his artworks in many prestigious solo exhibitions (at the Jewish Museum of Venice and in San Diego, among all) and took part in three meaningful itinerant group shows organized by Melori & Rosenberg Gallery (“Venice – Views on Ghetto”, “In the Space of the Cross” and “As Time Goes By”).
The meeting with Mr Harry Mensing also gave Luigi Rocca’s career a great contribution: since 2006 many successful personal exhibitions were mounted at their private art galleries in Munich, Hannover, Berlin, Frankurt, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Sylt. The most recent one took place at Nymphenburg Castle (Munich) at the beginning of 2018.
Since October 2007 his artworks – both originals and limited edition giclee – are exhibited at Arnot Galleries, 525 West 20th Street, New York. Since 2012, Mrs Vicki and Peter Arnot organized several wonderful one-man exhibitions, like “On the Road Again” and “The Mother Road”.
His official publisher, Melori & Rosenberg, published two artbooks (“Luigi Rocca. The Artbook” in 2001 and “Luigi Rocca. Eine Monographie” by Petra Schaefer in 2009), and all his catalogues.

On April 29th, 2018 he exhibited at Melori & Rosenberg Gallery with his brother and sister: Brothers in Arts.


The Runner 2018

Palace Times Square

Red Stools Diner

By George We Did It

Gargoyle Mobiloil

Beer Tobacco Souvenirs

Venice St John and Paul’s Hospital and Church

Corvette Drive on Route 66

White WD Gas Station

Red Pick Up at the Motel

In the Traffic Over TS

Let’s Harley!

The Corner Cafe



August 1, 2018 in Antonio Henry Vigino, Bedello DC, Cecilia Martin Birsa, Current exhibition, Elisa Rossi, Estelle Rocca-Serra, Fabio Colussi, Giorgio Rocca, Giovanni Mascia, Igor Molin, Lucia Sarto, Luigi Rocca, Mario Gualandri, Marja Van Der Linden, Minna Laaksonen, Riccardo Costantini, Sabrina Rocca, Valerio Minato

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April 29, 2018 in Exhibition, Giorgio Rocca, Lucia Sarto, Luigi Rocca

Brothers in Arts

The Roccas: Brothers in Arts The Rocca Brothers exhibit in their first "three-personal" exhibition. Lucia Sarto, Giorgio Rocca and Luigi Rocca's artworks will be displayed from Sunday, April 29th, 2018…
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“As Time goes by”

A Group Exhibition
in Melori & Rosenberg Art Gallery
5/12/2015 – 13/12/2015


“In the space of the Cross”

A Group Exhibition in Chiesa San Salvador
20/05/2010 – 30/05/2010

A Group Exhibition in Chiesa San Rocco
23/07/2010 – 31/10/2010


“Beyond Borders”

Personal Exhibition in Melori & Rosenberg Art Gallery
18/06/2009 – 28/06/2009


“Back Home”

Personal Exhibition in Udine
1/12/2007 – 16/12/2007


“Urban Landscapes”

Personal Exhibition in Melori & Rosenberg Art Gallery
30/08/2006 – 8/10/2006


“Venice – Views on Ghetto”

A Group Exhibition in Midrash Leon da Modena
22/05/2005 – 26/08/2005

“City Views”

personal exhibition in San Diego
21/10/2005 – 21/11/2005


“L’impressionismo iperrealista”

personal exhibition in San Donà
1/02/2004 – 28/02/2004

“A new experience”

personal exhibition in Museo Ebraico
6/09/2004 – 15/03/2005