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Fabio Colussi was born at Trieste in 1957, where he lives and works. In a certain sense he is self-taught, as his style has been formed through the study of the great Triestine painters such as Barison, Zangrando, Flumiani and Grimani. He paints his early watercolours at the age of four, his themes are landscapes, woods, and figures realized using wax crayons; later he approaches tempera and acrylics, and successively, in the early nineties, he paints oils on canvas and on board, now his favourite technique that he has never abandoned. To make his paintings he draws inspiration from the sketches that he jots down in a notebook which he always has with him and that sometimes are implemented, as far as architectures are concerned, by photographic notes.
Colussi is present with his works in private collections in Italy and abroad (United States, Germany and Australia). He has exhibited at national and European level.



August 1, 2018 in Antonio Henry Vigino, Bedello DC, Cecilia Martin Birsa, Current exhibition, Elisa Rossi, Estelle Rocca-Serra, Fabio Colussi, Giorgio Rocca, Giovanni Mascia, Igor Molin, Lucia Sarto, Luigi Rocca, Mario Gualandri, Marja Van Der Linden, Minna Laaksonen, Riccardo Costantini, Sabrina Rocca, Valerio Minato

Our permanent collection

We are working on new wonderful one-man shows. In the meantime, our permanent collection of paintings is hanging on our gallery's walls. We will be pleased to welcome you and…
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September 6, 2017 in Fabio Colussi

Why the sea?

Why is the sea the protagonist of the paintings by Fabio Colussi?   During the opening of his fourth personal exhibition at our Gallery, this was the most asked question.…
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“As Time goes by”

A Group Exhibition
in Melori & Rosenberg Art Gallery
5/12/2015 – 13/12/2015

“Venice Forever”

Personal Exhibition in Melori & Rosenberg Art Gallery
27/09/2015 – 4/10/2015


“Light in Venice”

A Personal Exhibition
in Melori & Rosenberg Art Gallery
7/09/2014 – 17/09/2014

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